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Hamata islands


Trip Program

Enjoy the most beautiful places in the world the picturesque island of Egyptian Maledives located in Marsa Alam. Take a sun bath on the island for 45 minutes and take photographs after enjoying turquoise water, the coral reefs, gorgeous Nemo fish and other rare species.

We start by boat from Hamata Marina to the island of Egyptian Maledives. There we take a small boat to the most exquisite coral reefs in the world for 45 minutes snorkeling stop.

Later we go back to the boat to take the towel, sunglasses, sun cream and mobile and we go to to the island of Egyptian Maledives by small speed boat.

After around 45 minutes on the beach we go back to the boat and have a lunch as an open buffet.

Next we head to blue lagoon, which is one of the most amazing coral reefs in Marsa Alam for another 45 minutes snorkeling.

Then we move to the island of Umm Al Sheikh. It is said that someone lived there for a period of time, but no one knows how many years ago it was. There is still a small hut on the island.

The trip cost 45$ per adults. Children between 6 and 12 years pay 25$, children under 6 years pay 5$ for the trip.

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drinks and lunch
hot drinks (tea, coffee, milk )
soft drinks (fanta, sprite, pepsi, coca cola)
lunch open buffet
renting of snorkeling equipment (mask, pipe, fins)

Not Included

tips for the stuff
photos from the photographer
5$ fee for National Park per person

take with you

passport paper copy
breakfast box
sun cream
sunblock cream
swimming suit
fresh juice
money to thank the staff if you liked the trip
money to buy underwater photos
2 T-shirts
head cap
hair cream
snorkel mask and fins (or you can rent for free it on the boat)
in the winter, a jacket and a diving suit

Book the trips Now

how to Book

To book the trip with Dugong Trips you can just fill the form on our website, or contact us by WhatsApp / email or messenger. The best time to book the trip is few days before the trip date, but you can book it until the day before the trip. We will need your data such as name, hotel, room number, and the information how many people are interested in the trip and the trip date.

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