Dugong Marsa Alam (Egypt)

Dugongs, also known as sea cows, are huge, incredible water mammals that live, among others, in Red Sea. They are always surrounded by remoras – cleaning fished that looks like small sharks. Remoras are also called suckerfish, cause the suck on the body of dugongs, turtles and sharks.

Dugongs feed on the sea grass. They prefer shallow water since they do not breathe underwater and must come to the surface to catch a breath.

Where you can meet dugong in MArsa alam

The best place to meet sea cow in Marsa Alam (Egypt) is Marsa Mubarak. It is a bay located around 15 minutes by boat from Port Ghalib, in front of Iberotel Costa Mares hotel. The bay is covered with sea grass that is the basis of the dugong diet. The dugong doesn’t really live there, so you cannot see him anytime, but it is very common location to meet this incredible mammal.

Another place to see dugong in Marsa Alam area is Abu Dabbab. But in Abu Dabbab dugongs are in the deep water, usually more than 20 meters deep. So it is most common for the divers to see the sea cows in Abu Dabbab than for the snorkeling fans.

If you are in the holidays in Marsa Alam you can book with us a trip to Marsa Mubarak where the chances of seeing the dugong during snorkeling are really high. To book the trip contact us by WhatsApp or Messanger. Let us know when you are coming to Marsa Alam and in which hotel you are staying. The payment for the trip is during the trip, we don’t take payment in advance.

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